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Visser & Van Baars has the broadest network of business intelligence, marketing intelligence and data & analytics professionals. Let our network work for you. We’ll build your future together. 

Visser & Van Baars staffs IT professionals in BI, MI, AI, data, intelligence en analytics
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Our services

​Are you ready to start working with Visser & Van Baars? We'll find the ideal IT professional to join the team at your organisation. We can help meet your staffing needs with three different options.

Choose search & selection, secondment, interim or consulting at Visser & Van Baars
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  • Search & selection

    Our search & selection service is designed to find the best IT professional to join your company on a permanent basis. 

  • Secondment

    Through our secondment service, we can temporarily transfer to your company one of the IT professionals we employ directly. That way, your organisation can always rely on fast access to the IT expertise you need, whenever you need it, without having to hire a new employee.


How we work

The key to our successful approach is: do one thing, but do it right. All of our consultants are highly specialised in their fields, thanks to our unique triple-specialisation approach.  

  • Knowledge sharing

    Visser & Van Baars believes in the power of knowledge sharing. That's how we learn from each other and keep sharp. We actively promote knowledge sharing in many different ways.

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  • Personal relationships

    We deeply value having strong personal relationships. The human factor is extremely valuable to the way we create matches.

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  • Triple Niche focus

    We also call our focus the 'triple niche focus'. Each consultant: works for one niche and one sub-niche brand and specializes in one of the three services

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Our specialized consultants will be happy to provide you with more information about the different ways of working and our network of professionals.



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