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Mountains of data

Pieter Beyne works as a Tableau developer for TVH. ‘My job is challenging because the huge amounts of data we’re working with at TVH. No two days are alike, and I’m always working to discover new things in the data.’

The job

TVH is a Belgian company that specialises in renting out forklifts and selling forklift parts. Pieter says, ‘TVH gave me a very specific job to do. There were working with an outdated data system. All the reports needed to be migrated from Clickview to Tableau. They hired me to help with those reports and to train TVH staff members to work with the new system.’

Pieter immediately felt right at home in his team. ‘I got all the support I needed from the people at TVH. That helped me to get straight to work. We’re talking about a huge data environment. TVH is a big company, with an even bigger dataset. All that data needed to be processed within a fixed period of time, and that was an interesting challenge. The project also involved change management, which meant that I had to teach other people how to work efficiently with this new system. Pieter Beyne ‘The nice thing about my job was the combination of producing reports and training end users to get started using the technology.’

Visser & Van Baars Business Intelligence project at TVH
Interim IT assignments at Visser & Van Baars

Access to clients

Pieter says he really enjoys the vibe at TVH. 'It's a big company, but you feel like you're working in a smaller company. The lines of communication are always very clear.

Without Visser & Van Baars, Pieter says he would never have been able to get started with his current client. 'That was really the added value for me. At TVH, I wouldn't have been able to get through the door as an independent freelancer. Visser & Van Baars has a large network and they can get you inside places that you can't get to on your own.'

The consultants at Visser & Van Baars were at Pieter's side throughout the entire application process. 'They explained to me exactly what I could expect during the interviews. I also noticed how much expertise the consultants have. They know what they're talking about and they know the various tools of my trade too.'

  • We listen to the needs of the client and the candidate. Every IT activity requires a different approach.  

  • Our triple-specialised focus helps us carefully select ideal candidates for the job.  

  • After creating the match, we stay closely in contact with our professionals and our clients throughout the course of their project. 

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