Working together

Visser & Van Baars has the broadest network of business intelligence, marketing intelligence and data & analytics professionals. Let our network work for you. We’ll build your future together. 

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  • Choose interim

    If you are looking for a temporary assignment, choose our interim service. Within our strong network of clients, we will be able to easily find you a great match.


  • Choose staffing

    If you are looking for a permanent position, choose permanent staffing. Our strong and long-lasting relations with our network of clients will help us to find you a great permanent match.


Why Visser & Van Baars?

Our approach

Knowing more from less is at the heart of our approach. Thanks to our triple niche focus, our consultants are super-specialists within their fields.


  • Triple niche focus

    Our focus we also call the 'triple niche focus'. Each consultant: works for one niche and one sub-niche brand and specialises in one of the three services.

  • Knowledge sharing

    Visser & Van Baars believes in the power of knowledge sharing. This is how we learn from each other and stay sharp. We do this actively in many ways.

  • Personal relationships

    We value building personal relationships. The human factor in the matching process is invaluable.

Contact us

Our specialised consultants will be happy to give you more information about our different ways of working and our network of professionals.



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