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Leave the training to us

Our consulting teams focus on approaching, developing and building relationships with the best IT specialists in the business. As soon as these specialists sign on with Visser & Van Baars, we begin building a strong working relationship with them and making them a part of our unique company culture. We offer them a tailor-made development programme and career plan, and they participate in our company’s knowledge sessions. Our specialists are highly qualified and we encourage them to exchange insights and best practices amongst themselves. We also promote out-of-the-box thinking by giving our IT professionals the opportunity to initiate innovative projects within our own organisation.

Our consultants will talk with you about the challenges you’re facing and determine what’s best for your organisation’s unique needs. With their years of experience, they know exactly which professional will fit your organisation best. And because of the close relationships we build with our own IT professionals, we can be sure to find an ideal candidate.

We dedicate great care to recruiting our own employees. As a result, they tend to remain with our company for a long time. One of our top priorities at Visser & Van Baars is to offer our employees opportunities for continual growth. We offer our consultants training to keep them up to speed on all the latest developments in their fields. This approach makes us a valuable partner to our clients as well as our candidates.

If you’re looking for an IT professional to join your company on a secondment basis starting right away, contact us today.


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