Die Datenanalyse konzentriert sich auf die Analyse von Daten mit dem Ziel, Erkenntnisse zu gewinnen
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We are always on the lookout for new IT talent specialising in analytics.We’ve spent years building a strong network of select clients and working alongside analytics professionals.
You can count on us to find the perfect match for you. Possible analytics functions:

  • Data engineer

  • Data scientist

  • NLP programmer

  • Machine learning engineer

  • Big data architect

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Thanks to our niche and regional focus, the Visser en Van Baars consultants know the IT job market. We are always looking for experienced professionals who want to boost their career. We offer careers within our own organization, or with organizations within our network. The personal relationship with our network is central to us. We are also looking for development and testing professionals within our other sub-niches.​

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