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We focus on your IT career and development at Visser & Van Baars

Why Visser & Van Baars?

We know exactly what it means to work in business intelligence, marketing intelligence and data & analytics. And, above all, we know what it takes to succeed in these fields. No two careers are alike, but our years of experience and our vast network enable us to always find the right match for you, no matter which stage of your career you’re in.

​​Your ambition

Our ambition is to help you achieve your ambition. And no two ambitions are alike. Perhaps you’re ready to expand your knowledge base. Or to gain broader professional experience. Or you’re ready to focus on improving your soft skills. Do you see yourself working for a multinational or at a startup? We have years of experience in transforming IT professionals’ ambitions into successful careers.

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Lifelong learning

Knowledge-sharing and lifelong learning are major priorities for us at Visser & Van Baars. That’s why we organise monthly meetups within our BI, MI and data & analytics network, where youcan meet colleagues in your field, exchange experiences and talk about the topics that matter to you. We also offer a fully customised training path for every IT professional who works with us.

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Our culture

Our company culture is extremely important to us at Visser & Van Baars. Our organisation's values are quality, intelligence, drive, authenticity and fun. Whatever we do, we do it right—with passion, in our own way and with lots of fun.

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